Tips for Teens to Deal With Stress

Stress Management for Teens

In this video series teens will find ideas for managing stress and staying healthy. Young people from across the country talk about their personal experiences relating to managing stress, and CPTC youth contributors weigh in with some useful strategies.

Topics covered in this youth-driven video series made for teens include:

  1. Creating a Stress Management Plan. Learn how to make effective and healthy choices to deal with the stress you will encounter in your life as a teen.
  2. The Power of “Yet”. How adding the word “yet” to the end of discouraging thoughts can reduce stress.
  3. Instant Vacations. Creative ways to take your mind off things when you’re feeling stressed.
  4. Sleep Well. Hear how a good (or bad) night’s sleep impacts mood, performance, and stress.
  5. Eat Well. Teens offer their personal experiences with maintaining healthy nutrition.
  6. Exercise. Young people weigh in on finding ways to stay active.
  7. Active Relaxation. CPTC youth member demonstrates a way of breathing that can quickly help you center yourself, and reduce your stress.
  8. Body Position. A demonstration of how good posture can reduce your stress.

For more great content, check out our YouTube channel where we explore topics like dealing with stress, disciple, and resilience. 

Image by: Samantha Lee/Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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