Tips to Help Teens Learn How to Cope

Helping Teens Learn to Cope

Learn how to support teens to manage stress in this video series. Ken Ginsburg, Co-Founder of CPTC and Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, leads us through how to build a comprehensive stress management plan.

Topics covered in this video series include:

  1. Introduction to Stress Management Plan. Learn what a stress management plan is and why it can help both teens AND parents cope with stress.
  2. Tackling Problems. How to break down problems into manageable pieces and other problem-solving strategies.
  3. Building Stronger Bodies. Physical practices that decrease stress including exercise, relaxation, healthy eating, and sleeping well.
  4. Managing Emotions. A few helpful tips for disengaging from stress in a healthy and sustainable way.
  5. Making the World Better. Why contributing to communities and neighborhoods reduces stress and builds resilience in teens.
  6. Conclusion. Some final thoughts on how you can help your teen implement a stress management plan.

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