Puberty & Other Changes

Adolescents experience a range of physical, social and emotional changes. Learn about what to expect and how to support your child as they experience this tremendous growth.

Support Healthy Physical Development

Jan 04, 2024

Learn what to expect during puberty.


What Teen Boys Think About Body Image

Nov 11, 2023

Hear what teen boys have to say about body image issues.


Fitting in. What is Normal?

Sep 04, 2023

As a parent, your goal should be to make it “normal” for your teen to do the right thing.


Why Preparing Your Teen for Their First Period is Protective to Them

Mar 16, 2023

A child's first period is major developmental milestone that often coincides with their process of self-discovery.


Teens are Asking: Who Am I?

Jun 04, 2022

Teens are trying to figure out their place in the world. Help them find answers.


Teens’ Developing Sexuality

May 04, 2020

Strategies for approaching discussions about sex and sexuality with teens.


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