Parents’ Self Care

Learn about how to care for yourself with the same commitment with which you care for your children. You’ll understand why your self-care makes a difference in their lives.

Essential Reads

Parent Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Sep 14, 2022

Don't feel guilty about taking care of yourself -- it's key to successful parenting!


Why It’s Okay for Parents to Ask for Help When Parenting Teens

Feb 02, 2024

When parenting, do you ever struggle enough that you wish you could ask for help? You’re not alone. 


3 Expert Tips for Practicing Self-Care IRL

Nov 30, 2023

Three expert tips for integrating self-care into your everyday life. 


Invest in Yourself! Commit to Self-Care

Oct 04, 2022

Learn why self-care benefits you and your teen!


Parenting as a Member of the Sandwich Generation

Jun 23, 2022

Learn about the complex and multifaceted experiences of being a member of the “sandwich generation.”


Talking About Race and Mental Health Within Black Families

Feb 02, 2022

Dr. Mia Smith-Bynum, Associate Professor of Family Science at the University of Maryland, discusses the importance of talking about race and mental health.


Expressing Emotion is Good for Your Family!

Jan 25, 2022

Showing how you feel is key to health and well-being.


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