Understanding Teen Growth & Development

Teen Growth & Development

Learn the science behind our Teens’ behavior in this video series on Teen growth and development.

Topics covered in this video series include:

  1. Why Teens Have Heightened Emotions. Learn why emotions tend to be more intense during the teen years.
  2. How Teens Process Information. Take an in-depth look at how teens think during adolescence and how we can guide them to develop their own solutions.
  3. Why Parents Are So Important to Teen Development.  Bust some damaging myths about teens. The worst? That parents don’t matter.
  4. How Negative Messages Impact Teens. Learn how parents can protect teens from undermining messages and celebrate their growth.
  5. Why Teens Push Parents Away. Understand the science behind why teens strive for independence.
  6. The Fundamental Questions of Adolescence. A dive into the deeper questions that teens are asking themselves during adolescence.
  7. Preparing Teens to Lead Us into the Future. Take a brief look at how “problem free is not fully prepared.”
  8. Leaving the Comfort of Our Parent’s Homes. Take a look at the biggest risk we ever take.


For more great content, check out our YouTube channel where we explore topics like dealing with stress, disciple, and resilience. Do you have an idea for a video that you’d like to see? If so, email your suggestion to parentandteen@email.chop.edu.

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