Health & Prevention

Parenting is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs there is. Learn why self-care is a strategic act of parenting.

Essential Reads

Creating a Stress Management Plan

Mar 17, 2023

Help teens develop a plan to deal with stress.


Parents Hold the Key to Teen Driver Safety

Mar 08, 2024

Learn what you can do to help keep your teen driver prepared and safe.


Why It’s Okay for Parents to Ask for Help When Parenting Teens

Feb 02, 2024

When parenting, do you ever struggle enough that you wish you could ask for help? You’re not alone. 


7 Ways Parents Can Help Teens Manage Phone Use

Jan 26, 2024

Seven ways parents and adults can help teens control their phone use.


What to Know About Teens and Bullying

Dec 01, 2023

Essential lessons parents must learn about bullying.


3 Expert Tips for Practicing Self-Care IRL

Nov 30, 2023

Three expert tips for integrating self-care into your everyday life. 


What To Do If Your Child Experiences Cyberbullying

Oct 13, 2023

You have the power to help if your child is being cyberbullied. Here are 10 steps to take.


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