Success in School & Life

Learn the true meaning of success and how to support tweens and teens to become their best selves at school, work, in their communities, and beyond.

Extracurricular Activities: Benefits and Balance

Oct 19, 2021

Learn about the benefits of extracurricular activities, balancing those benefits with their drawbacks, and more.


The Little Book of Life Skills

Jun 08, 2021

Erin Zammett Ruddy, author of "The Little Book of Life Skills" discusses must-have life skills for teens.


Prevent the Negative Impact That Stereotypes Have on Teens

Jun 07, 2021

Learn how to encourage and develop a growth mindset in your teen to help combat the negative impact of stereotypes.


Education in the Time of COVID-19: How Parents Can Advocate for Their Teens

May 06, 2021

Ways parents can help teens speak up and ask for help at school.


The U.S. Education System Was Not Designed With Black Families in Mind

Mar 17, 2021

How to support teens of color in school.


Secrets to Job and Internship Success

Mar 10, 2021

Want to support your teens and young adults to land a job or internship? Jeff Chapski, author of "Career-ology" and founder of Career Ready Coaching, suggests ways to help them attain their goals.


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