Q&A Series

In this far-reaching Q&A series, we feature prominent parenting authors and youth development experts. Exploring topics ranging from parental happiness to becoming a more patient parent, these interviews offer actionable tips you can implement into daily life.

/ Jun 12, 2019

Help Teens Reap the Benefits of Gratitude

Strategies to promote gratitude in teens.

/ May 27, 2019

Raising Teenagers to be Kind and Grateful

Want a happier family? Pay attention to your teen’s developing character.

/ Apr 29, 2019

How to Help Teens Develop Patience

Why patience is important and how to encourage it in teens.

/ Apr 11, 2019

Unlocking Teen Character and Emotions to Achieve Success

Have you been told it’s "too late" for your teen? Here’s why those critics are wrong.

/ Mar 01, 2019

Challenging Traditional Notions of Success

Judge teens by more than academic performance - it's key to well-being.

/ Feb 21, 2019

Why Curiosity, Open-Mindedness, and Humility are Important for Success

Teens must learn to be intellectually flexible and to have humility. Learn why these are critical for long-term success.