The CPTC offers a range of educational videos featuring parenting and adolescent health experts talking about issues important for parents raising teens today. We also have a youth-driven video series offering stress management tips for teens and a youth collage series featuring teens across the country answering important questions related to parent-teen communication. Below is a list of topics our videos cover, as well as a sample of selected videos.

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Youth Collage Series

To view a playlist of our youth collage series, click here.

  • This is What We Need From You
  • If We Were in Your Shoes

Stress Management Plan for Teens

To view a playlist of our stress management plan videos for teens, click here.

  • Active Relaxation
  • Eat Well
  • Exercise
  • Good Posture
  • Instant Vacations
  • Sleep Well

Teen Growth & Development

To view a playlist of all of the teen growth & development videos, click here.

  • Celebrate Teen’s Growth and Protect Them From Undermining Messages
  • Our Teens Must be Fully Prepared to Lead us into the Future
  • The Biggest Risk we Ever Take: Leaving the Comfort of our Parent’s Home
  • The Teen Brain: Why Teens Have Heightened Emotions
  • The Three Fundamental Questions of Adolescence
  • Understanding How Adolescents Think: Guiding Them to Develop Their Own Solutions
  • Why Teens Push us Away
  • You Matter to Your Teen’s Healthy Development

Effective Parenting

To view a playlist of all of our videos on effective parenting, click here.

  • Being a Good Role Model on Your Best and Worst Days
  • Remember all That was Good in your Child and Seeing it in your Teen
  • Self-Care and Parenting
  • The Role of Parents Vs. Friends
  • We Know What Works: The Power of Balanced Parenting
  • What is Unconditional Love
  • Why and How to Promote Family Interdependence

Communicating With Teens

To view a playlist with all videos related to communicating with teens, click here.

  • Be the Kind of Parent Your Child Chooses to Talk to
  • Communicating Your Unconditional Love During Difficult Times
  • Creating Opportunities to Regain Trust
  • Fostering Cultural Pride in Latino Teens
  • Let Teens be the Experts
  • The Value of High Expectations for Teens

Helping Teens Learn to Cope

To view a playlist featuring all of the videos in the helping teens learn to cope series, click here!

  • Coping Plan Introduction
  • Building Strong Bodies
  • Making the World Better
  • Managing Emotions
  • Tackling Problems
  • Coping Plan Conclusion

The 7 C’s of Resilience

To view a playlist featuring all videos on resilience, click here!

  • The 7 C’s of Resilience Overview
  • Coping
  • Control
  • Character
  • Connection
  • Competence
  • Confidence