The CPTC offers a range of educational videos featuring parenting and adolescent health experts talking about issues important for parents raising teens today. We also have a youth-driven video series offering stress management tips for teens and a youth collage series featuring teens across the country answering important questions related to parent-teen communication. Below is a list of topics our videos cover, as well as a sample of selected videos. Visit our YouTube channel to browse all videos!

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Youth Collage Playlist:

  1. This is What We Need From You
  2. If We Were in Your Shoes

Stress Management Plan for Teens Playlist:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of “Yet”
  3. Instant Vacations
  4. Sleep Well
  5. Eat Well
  6. Exercise
  7. Active Relaxation
  8. Good Posture

Featured Experts Series

Teen Growth & Development Playlist:

  1. The Teen Brain: Why Teens Have Heightened Emotions
  2. Understanding How Adolescents Think: Guiding Them to Develop Their Own Solutions
  3. You Matter to Your Teen’s Healthy Development
  4. Celebrate Teen’s Growth and Protect Them From Undermining Messages
  5. Why Teens Push us Away
  6. The Three Fundamental Questions of Adolescence
  7. Our Teens Must be Fully Prepared to Lead us into the Future
  8. The Biggest Risk we Ever Take: Leaving the Comfort of our Parent’s Home

Effective Parenting Playlist:

  1. Remember all That was Good in your Child and Seeing it in your Teen
  2. Being a Good Role Model on Your Best and Worst Days
  3. The Role of Parents Vs. Friends
  4. We Know What Works: The Power of Balanced Parenting
  5. Self-Care and Parenting
  6. What is Unconditional Love
  7. Why and How to Promote Family Interdependence

Communicating With Teens Playlist:

  1. Fostering Cultural Pride in Latino Teens
  2. Creating Opportunities to Regain Trust
  3. Be the Kind of Parent Your Child Chooses to Talk to
  4. Let Teens be the Experts
  5. Communicating Your Unconditional Love During Difficult Times
  6. The Value of High Expectations for Teens

Helping Teens Learn to Cope Playlist:

  1. Coping Plan Introduction
  2. Tackling Problems
  3. Building Strong Bodies
  4. Managing Emotions
  5. Making the World Better
  6. Coping Plan Conclusion

The 7 C’s of Resilience Playlist

  • The 7 C’s of Resilience Overview
  • Confidence
  • Competence
  • Connection
  • Character
  • Contribution
  • Coping
  • Control