5 Reasons to Tell Your Teens You Love Them

Express Your Love

Love is a powerful force that protects young people as they grow. It provides the security children need as they develop into adults and prepare themselves for healthy relationships. That caring must be unconditional, and based on your children being themselves. It should not be doled out as a reward for a desired behavior or a particular success. And it must be shown with actions and words.

Here are five reasons to let your teens know you love them.

1) It Offers Security

Life can get pretty complicated for teens, with lots of ups and downs. Your unconditional love remains a stable force that leaves no question in their minds they are cared for and about.

2) It Helps Them Learn to Trust

Many teens say the chances of them making a good decision in any situation go up if they feel they are trusted. And they know even if they make a bad decision, you’re still in their corner rooting for them. This helps them to find others who will offer mutual trust in their adult lives.

3) It Allows for Mistakes

Teenagers who know they are loved are less afraid of making mistakes. They know they’ll be forgiven and therefore are less likely to see every mistake as the end of the world.

When you show your teens you love them, the love you’re giving turns into love they learn to give themselves.

4) It Teaches Them to Love Themselves

When you show your teens you love them, the love you’re giving turns into love they learn to give themselves. In other words, you help your children know they are worthy. That will pay dividends throughout life. Their adult family relationships will be forever enhanced. They will expect to be treated respectfully and lovingly in relationships. Why do we love?  To teach our children they are worthy of being loved.

5) It Models How to Love Others

You can trust that a loved child grows to become an adult with healthier family, friend, and work relationships.

As your child gets older, there will probably come a time when they push you away — especially if you show your feelings in public! Does this mean you should stop? Absolutely not. Just move it into private spaces.

Image by: Samantha Lee/Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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