Strategies to Help Teens Feel Happier

Adolescence is an exciting time of life that also has its fair share of challenges. Young people are struggling to answer the developmental question, “Who am I?” Many teens experience more anxiety today than in the past. A constant stream of photos, comments, likes and dislikes on social media, can create an impossible drive to be perfect – to have the just-right hair, to get the highest grades, to have the most picture-perfect life.

Parents play an essential role in supporting the emotional well-being of their children. Greater Good offers strategies parents can use right now to help teens feel happier and better about themselves. One potentially surprising idea is the proven healing power of teens helping others. Help your teen find ways to give back! They can chip in around the house, offer to help out a neighbor in need, or look for formal volunteer opportunities in the community.

Discover more ideas by reading “Five Ways to Help Teens Feel Good About Themselves” here.

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