/ Nov 05, 2018

Say This, Not That: Avoid the Lecture


Avoiding the Lecture

Say This, Not That: Conversation Tips for Strengthening Family Communication is a mini podcast series with sample dialogs and guidance for parents on what to say and what not to say to improve communication with their teens. In this episode, learn why lectures are ineffective and how to take a different approach.

Discussion Tip
Mistakes can lead to growth if we teach teens how to think through the problem and potential consequences of their actions. This often involves breaking big concepts into small pieces they can grasp.

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Elyse Salek

Elyse Salek, M.S.Ed, is the Senior Manager of Center Operations at the CPTC. Drawing on her expertise in human development, Elyse writes about topics ranging from teen development, to peer pressure, to discipline. Her degree is in Psychology and Human Development from the University of Pennsylvania School of Education.

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