Suggested resources and summaries of research on topics of interest for parents of teens.

Websites and Readings

Bullying: Resources on bullying awareness and prevention.

Driving: Prepare and protect teen drivers.

Drugs and Substance Use: Organizations dedicated to substance use prevention.

Mental Health: Information about anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, and suicide.

School: Help for successfully navigating the college prep and application process.

Screen Time: Explore how technology can be utilized safely to promote healthy development.

Sex and Relationships: Resources on sexual health and healthy relationships.

Learning Differences and IEPs: Support for young people with learning differences.

Research Roundups

Balanced Parenting: The science behind raising happy, healthy, and successful teens.

Bullying: Reduce and prevent bullying behaviors.

Delinquency: Support teens to make wise decision.

Teen Driving: Help teens make safe decisions when they’re behind the wheel.

Mental Health: Supporting teen mental health.

Personal Relationships: Healthy relationships during adolescence.

School: Supporting success in school.

Sexual Decision-making and Behaviors: Making safe, informed decisions.

Substance Use: Reduce and prevent substance use.