Resources on Racism and Racial Identity

Resources on Racism and Racial Identity

The Center for Parent and Teen Communication is committed to ending structural inequalities and eradicating racism so that all young people can become their best selves. Our teens will build our future, and if they have an understanding of structural inequalities and racism, they will work to promote justice and more equal opportunities from the ground up. They will create the type of world that will be better for us all.

Our culturally responsive parenting content builds on cultural strengths and addresses the unique stressors families of color face when raising teens today. We partner with scholars with expertise in BIPOC communities to create resources that help parents engage in important conversations about racism and racial identity.

Check out these featured articles and videos on talking about racism, racial identity, mental health, education, and more.

Racial Identity Development

Raising Youth of Color in a Complex World

Promoting Racial and Cultural Pride in Teens

How Latinx Parents Can Draw From Family Values to Help Teens Navigate Stress

Identity Development for Teens of Color

Helping Teens of Color Develop Identity

Elements of Latinx Culture to Help Teens Thrive in an Upside-Down World

Talking About Race

Talking About Race With Teens

Talking About Race & Mental Health Within Black Families

How Your Stress May Affect Your Teen — And What You Can Do About It

Three Ways Parents Can Protect Their Children from Racism

How to Have Honest Conversations with Teens About Racial Injustice 

Raising Empathetic Children Amidst Growing Intolerance

Protecting My Sons From Racial Bias

Supporting BIPOC Youth at School

Education in the Time of COVID-19: How Parents Can Advocate For Their Teens

How Parents Can Support Teens of Color in School

Racism in the Classroom: What You Can Do About it

How to Deal With Racism in School

Responding to Racism in Youth Sports

How Schools Can Help Teens Identify and Take Action Against Racism

How Parents Can Work With Schools to Raise Anti-Racist Children

Open Access Chapter

The Traumatic Impact of Racism and Discrimination on Young People and How to Talk About It

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