Q & A Interviews

In this far-reaching Q&A series, we feature prominent parenting authors and youth development experts. Exploring topics ranging from parental happiness to becoming a more patient parent, these featured interviews offer actionable tips you can implement into daily life.

Challenging Traditional Notions of Success

Denise Pope of Challenge Success

Denise Pope, senior lecturer at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education and co-founder of Challenge Success, challenges us to change our thinking about what it means to be “successful.” Read our latest Q&A and learn why grades, test scores, and the selectivity of schools doesn’t necessarily make or break a young person’s ultimate success.

Why Curiosity, Open-Mindedness, and Humility are Important for Success

Wake Forest psychology professor Eranda Jayawickreme, Thursday, August 16, 2012.

Eranda Jayawickreme, Associate Professor of Psychology and head of Wake Forest University’s Growth Initiative Lab, talks about how being humble could make a difference in teens’ success in school and their ability to achieve in college and the workplace. Read this intriguing Q&A to find out more.

Promoting Racial and Cultural Pride in Teens

In this insightful Q&A learn how adolescence is an ideal time for youth to begin exploring their racial or ethnic identity. CPTC Senior Writer Allison Gilbert speaks with Dr. Joanna Lee Williams, Associate Professor at University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education and Human Development and Associate Director of Research for the Young Women Leaders Program.

What’s the Secret to Happiness?

We can all learn strategies for being happier. Having gratitude is one. Learn more in this fascinating Q&A featuring Jason Marsh, founding editor in chief of Greater Good and the Greater Good Science Center’s Director of Programs.

Being Happier Parents

To bring more joy into your daily life read this Q&A with former New York Times reporter and How to Be a Happier Parent author KJ Dell’Antonia. We explore stress, seeing the big picture, and mantras that will make you a happier parent.