Press Kit

Members of the Center for Parent and Teen Communication (CPTC) team appear in national and local press including, The Washington Post, ABCNews.com, Your Teen Magazine, Romper.com, Psychology Today, and the award-winning podcast “Edit Your Life.” See In the News for recent press, press releases, and the latest announcements from the CPTC.

The CPTC follows the strength-based philosophy and resilience-building model of it’s Co-Founder and Director of Programs, Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg. Dr. Ginsburg travels the world speaking to parent, professional and youth audiences and is the author of 5 award-winning parenting books as well as a multimedia professional toolkit on “Reaching Teens.” He has appeared on CNN, FOX and Friends, NPR, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The CBS morning show, and ABC, NBC, and CBS Nightly News programs. See his Bio for more information. 

For press inquiries, contact: 

Eden Pontz, Executive Producer and Director of Digital Content at pontze@email.chop.edu