What Not To Do When Writing a Letter to Parents

Sometimes, it’s hard to express feelings to parents. Writing a note lets you share what’s on your mind and give your parents time to process. Looking for guidance? Check out these tips on what not to do from fellow teens. 1. Don’t blame or criticize. Avoid saying things that are shaming or judgmental. 2. Don’t focus on the past. Focus on what you’re feeling in the present and what you can do differently moving forward. 3. Don’t start with “You.” Use sentences that start with “I.” While letters might not magically repair relationships, they can open doors to better communication.

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About Elyse Salek

Elyse Salek, M.S.Ed. is an Administrative Director of Research at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Her degrees are in Psychology and Human Development from Middlebury College and the University of Pennsylvania School of Education. She is the proud mother of two children.

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