Raising Teens to be Good People

Raising Good People

Dr. Marvin Berkowitz, Sanford N. McDonnell Professor of Character Education and Co-Director of the Center for Character and Citizenship at University of Missouri St. Louis talks about the qualities young people need to become what he calls “agents of good.” Three key ingredients include: respect for others, fairness and justice, and trying to make the world a better place. For more, watch the video below!

Like this video? Continue watching our playlist with Dr. Berkowitz above, or click on individual videos below:

  1. Parents’ Impact on Character. Looking at who has the greatest impact on teens’ character development.
  2. Helping Your Teens Find Direction. A few strategies to help teens find their moral compass in “the peer world.”
  3. How Human Goodness Differs in Families. Different families might understand and teach values differently.
  4. Parenting for Good. The core parenting strategies that positive youth development is built on.
  5. How Being Good Impacts Health. The scientifically-proven effects of being a good person.
  6. Parenting Tools to Handle Challenging Moments. Help teens through difficult situations by communicating your love and keeping channels of communication open.
  7. What Are Your Parental Priorities. We often say we want our children to be good people, but our actions tend to tell a different story.

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