Youth Advisors

Meet our current and past youth advisors! They are a diverse group of insightful young people that are passionate about representing the youth voice. They are committed to helping us further our mission of strengthening parent-teen relationships. Check out their bios below for more information.

Current Members

Gabrielle (Gaby) Baum is originally from Stamford, Connecticut and is attending Muhlenberg College, studying Business Administration and Sustainability. She is passionate about equal opportunity in education, literature, and giving back.  In her free time you can find her engaging in youth philanthropy, working with local schools, practicing photography or reading a good book.

“I believe strongly that as adolescents we are the future of the next generation. I want to help shape the future and show that as adolescents, when we work together, we can do incredible things.”

Paul Burdett is originally from Prunedale, California, where some of his pastimes include longboarding, surfing, piano, public speaking, and involvement with his church. He also enjoys mentoring younger kids locally through youth programs as well as nationwide events through the Institute for Cultural Communicators. He is currently enrolled at Lipscomb University in Tennessee pursuing a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. He continues to pursue music and mentoring programs on campus. If you were to visit Lipscomb, chances are you’d see him longboarding around campus between classes and activities.

“I’m looking forward to help change the way society views adolescents. I believe that the lack of self-confidence in today’s adolescents is a result of adults not believing that they can do important things, and that if adults put more faith in adolescents, then they will rise to the expectations placed on them and do amazing things.”

Kay’Stienna (Kay) Carter is a 17-year old senior at Benjamin Franklin High School in Philadelphia, PA. Kay is also dual-enrolled at the Community College of Philadelphia where she just started her first semester.  There, she hopes to begin learning the tools of her trade in Hospitality & Management, and one day hopes to become an entrepreneur with her own businesses in hospitality & management, culinary arts, and media production. Her favorite hobbies include writing and reading, watching movies, babysitting, and using her culinary skills in any kitchen she can get her hands on!

“Creativity is spewing from every crack of my brain, why not put it to use?”

Paige Kight is from Paducah, Kentucky, and she is a freshman attending Paducah Tilghman High School. She is a member of her school’s academic team, band, choir, and community service club, and is an active member of the Paducah Symphony Orchestra Youth Chorus. She is passionate about advocating for mental health in teens, focusing on those with high functioning conditions. In her free time, she enjoys singing, writing, and helping out around her community.

“If everyone in the world takes one step towards a personal goal, that’s seven billion steps towards humanity’s goal.”

Ranen Miao is a senior at Millburn High School, and is passionate about communication, politics, and philanthropy. He is a four-year member of the Youth Advisory Board, and is thrilled to continue speaking on behalf of young people and their experiences. Outside of the CPTC, Ranen represents his country on the USA Debate Team, founded the Youth Progressive Policy Group in New Jersey, and serves as the President for his school’s Key Club. In his free time, he enjoys watching Ted Talks, catching up on current events, and doing community service.

“Often times, the opinions and needs of teens are overlooked by their parents. I think this is a huge source of tension in families: a lack of respect for the opinions and needs of teenagers, while expecting respect in return. For relationships to be strong, there must be reciprocated and mutual respect, understanding, and value. That’s something I hope we’re able to understand.”

Teen shows kindness by cleaning up his neighborhood

Justin Robinson is an 11th grader at Cumberland International Early College High School in Fayetteville, NC. He is 16 years old, and a fun fact about him is that he can speak Spanish fluently. Justin participates in a few clubs at school, like Science Olympiad, or the Fayetteville Cumberland Youth Council. He is excited to help other adolescents and parents strengthen their relationships and believes that any person with the right support can achieve their goals and dreams.
“I’m not afraid of the storm, for I am learning to sail my ship.”

Raul Rosales is 18-years old and currently enrolled as a freshman at Stetson University where he is studying history. In his free time, he enjoys cross-country running and going to his school’s sporting events. After graduating, he plans on becoming a history teacher for high school students and possible becoming a principal.

“I believe that it is extremely critical for an adolescent to have a caring and responsible role model as they go through a very transformative time in their life. By supporting them and making sure they feel like they can depend on someone, we can ensure that they develop into responsible and confident adults.”

Natalie (Talia) Rangel is 14 years old and originally from Los Angeles, California. She is currently a boarding student at The Thacher School in Ojai Valley. Talia is passionate about advocacy for minority groups and is engaged in on-campus affinity clubs such as Spectrum (LGBTQ+) and Latinos Unidos. She also loves supporting others and has experience tutoring her peers and mentoring younger students. In her free time, she enjoys painting and learning Japanese.

“You are the only person with a clear understanding of your needs. This is why we as youth must be self-advocates and role models, supporting and empowering each other to do great things.”

Sean Welch is the chair of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB). He was born and raised right outside of Philadelphia. He is a student at Temple University studying Political Science and English. He believes in giving back to his community and currently tutors ESL and foster youth throughout Philly. He loves learning new things — from history teach-ins to YouTube quantum-physics crash-courses — but also enjoys playing the piano and learning Spanish in his free time.

“I am extremely excited to begin remolding our society’s understanding of adolescents. I am especially interested in finding innovative ways to translate academic research to everyday people.”

Former Members

Ilana Ginsburg is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She’s currently a student at Temple University studying human development and community engagement with concentrations in childhood mental health and community-based education. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with friends, reading and anything related to sports or art. Ilana was one of the founding members of the youth advisory board and is co-author of the book Raising Kids to Thrive with her Dad and twin sister.

“I’ve been excited to work with the CPTC because our accomplishments in changing the world’s view of adolescents will have a direct impact on the populations I will be working with in my future career.”

Talia Ginsburg was one of the founding members of the youth advisory board and is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was a junior at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts during her time in the YAB. She has since graduated with a major in psychology and minor in education. She is currently working in the Therapeutic Nursery at the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center as a Behavioral Health Worker.

“I was thrilled to work with the YAB and contribute to changing the views our society holds of adolescents.”

Kerrivah (Kerri) Heard is a Philadelphia native and a BA/MS student at Drexel University studying public communication with a concentration in journalism. She has dedicated her time to creating a rather extensive portfolio of multimedia journalism – including print, digital, social media, video, and broadcast experience. Outside of school she enjoys encouraging, educating, mentoring, and giving back to other youth.

“I’m excited to work with CPTC because this is a once in the lifetime opportunity that will truly impact the future. I believe that we have started something special with the health of adolescents as the focus.”

Sarah Hinstorff is the former chair of the youth advisory board and is originally from Palo Alto, California. She recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, with a major in International Relations and minors in International Development and Hispanic Studies. She is currently continuing her Penn education with a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership. She has previous experience with political campaigns and nonprofits of all sizes, and she hopes to devote her career to designing creative approaches to social change. In her free time, she loves to run, travel, and listen to way too many podcasts.

“I am passionate about youth mental health, race & gender equity, and immigration reform — and especially the intersection of all three!”

Maria Marungo is from Chicago, IL and is currently attending the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign. She loves being part of communities that welcome people regardless of differences and believes people of any race, gender, and socioeconomic status deserve to have the same rights and opportunities. She is passionate about working toward social justice.

“One of the most important aspects of creating change is first creating awareness. Through the CPTC, I hoped to be a part of a larger conversation concerning teen issues.”