Mission & Values

The Center for Parent and Teen Communication (CPTC) is committed to strengthening family relationships and building youth who will possess the character strengths that will prepare them for healthy, successful, and meaningful lives. We need them to lead us into the future!

Our Mission

The CPTC uses the best of science on youth development and parenting to support healthy family relationships and empower parents to effectively guide teens to be their best selves. Located within the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the CPTC’s efforts include:

  • Creating accessible and actionable strategies rooted in the best of science and effective parenting practices.
  • Educating parents how to effectively communicate with their children, tweens, and teens.
  • Supporting adolescents to maintain and build strong relationships with their parents, peers, families and other caring adults.
  • Spreading the word through social media, press, and community-based engagements.

Our Values

  • Adolescence is a time of profound potential. All young people have existing strengths and are experts in their own lives.
  • Adults are guides for youth. Young people value information received from adults that they know care for and about them.
  • Positive development will occur when we align adults’ efforts to equip youth with character strengths that prepare them to have rich relationships, live fulfilling lives, and be productive citizens poised to contribute to our society.
  • Young people live up or down to the expectations that adults set for them, making it critical they receive messages that hold them to high expectations.
  • Along with promoting positive youth development, adults must prevent youth from being sidetracked or harmed through unhealthy behaviors.
  • Young people need to possess healthy stress management strategies so they will make wise choices even during challenging moments.