/ Mar 02, 2020

Know How to Talk to Kids About Sex

Being proactive and understanding how to talk to kids about sex is important. Most tweens and teens have questions about sex. While it’s important to answer them honestly, it’s also critical parents seek out these conversations, too. Doing so has the potential to increase the positive flow of communication between parents and teens and create stronger family bonds.

Our colleagues at Parents are TALKING highlight these and other reasons for having open talks about sex. Among them: Your teen will receive more accurate information. For example, wouldn’t it be better for your child to learn how birth control works from you rather than a friend? Because they have less experience, friends are more likely to pass along misinformation, which can be harmful. Another reason parents should initiate these talks is because doing so creates an opening to pass along family values pertaining to intimacy, sexuality, and sex.

You can read “Family Values: Sex, Youth, and Consent” here.

Parents are TALKING is a website educating families about sexual and reproductive health services from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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