Growth & Development

Adolescence is a time of profound growth and development. Parents who understand the physical, social and emotional growth that occurs during the tween and teen years will communicate more effectively with their children and will be better prepared to raise young people who will thrive in adulthood.

Puberty & Other Changes

Adolescents experience a range of physical, social and emotional changes. Learn about what to expect and how to support your child as they experience this tremendous growth.

The Teen Brain

Adolescents are “superlearners”! When you understand the rapidly developing teen brain, you’ll better appreciate the opportunity we all have to guide adolescents to become their best selves. Also, understanding how tweens and teens think helps us communicate with them most effectively.

Supporting Healthy Decisions

Equip tweens and teens with strategies that prepare them to make wise decisions. With your guidance, they can make the kind of choices that keep them safe and promote their healthy growth.

Success in School & Life

Learn the true meaning of success and how to support tweens and teens to become their best selves at school, work, in their communities, and beyond.

Changing How We See Teens

Young people live up or down to the expectations we set for them. There are too many inaccurate and undermining stereotypes about teens. They hurt adolescents, disempower parents, and harm family connections. Learn how to see and expect the best in your tween or teen.