Nurturing Grit and Self-Control in Teens

Nurturing Teen Strengths

Dr. Angela Duckworth,  Founder and CEO of Character Lab and Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Psychology at University of Pennsylvania covers topics including grit, curiosity, self-control, and other strengths of the heart, mind, and will.

  1. Growing Gratitude. Parenting routines and practice to grow gratitude in your teen.
  2. What is Grit?. Defining “Grit” by combining of perseverance and passion.
  3. Why Grit is Important. Why talent isn’t enough to be successful.
  4. How Parents Can Teach Grit. Learn how to encourage grit in your teens by modeling perseverance.
  5. How Grit Increases the Odds for Success. Understanding the power (and limitations) of grit and what that means for maturity.
  6. Why We All Need Character Strengths of Heart, Mind, and Will. An overview of the different character strengths that make up a good person.
  7. Nurturing Teen Curiosity. The importance of (and few helpful tips for) encouraging curiosity in teens.
  8. Helping Teens Discover Their True Interests. Encourage hard-work, but teens also give teens the chance to explore their interests.
  9. All About Grit. An in-depth look at what “grit” is, why it’s important, and how we can teach it to our children.
  10. Helping Teens Learn Self-Control. A overview of the development of self-control in teenagers.

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