Improve Communication With Teens

Improving Communication With Teens

This video series covers an array of topics with a common theme of developing a communicative relationship with your teen.

Areas explored in this foundational series include:

  1. Fostering Cultural Pride in Latino Teens. Why it’s so important that parents encourage their teens to maintain a positive racial identify and cultural pride.
  2. Creating Opportunities for Teens to Regain Trust. Redefine discipline and give teens the chance to earn new privileges when they demonstrate responsibility.
  3. Be the Kind of Parent Your Child Chooses to Talk With. Build the kind of relationship that allows you to effectively monitor your child AND that encourages your teen to communicate with you.
  4. Let Teens Be the Experts. Treat your child like they are the experts of their own lives to show how much you value their sense of self and growing independence.
  5. Communicating Unconditional Love. Learn how to express love that demonstrates your depth of caring, even during those times when you don’t agree with your child’s behavior.
  6. The Value of High Expectations for Teens. Why setting high (but reachable!) and positive expectations for teens is so important.

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