Health & Prevention

Parenting is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs there is. Learn why self-care is a strategic act of parenting.

Essential Reads

The Check-In Rule Helps Teens Avoid Risk

Sep 04, 2022

Learn how to use the check-in rule to help teens avoid pressure to try alcohol and drugs.


How Parents Can Improve Teen Mental Health

Mar 10, 2023

Learn which parenting style leads to better mental health.


Five Coping Skills Teens Need to Know

Mar 01, 2023

Discover healthy ways to support teen's ability to manage stress.


Support Emotional Development in Teens

Feb 04, 2023

Learn what to expect as teens develop emotionally.


Warning Signs Your Teen Could Be at Risk for Suicide

Nov 23, 2022

Learn to recognize the signs of suicide and how to keep your teen safe.


Why Marijuana is Not the Answer to Teens’ Anxiety

Nov 10, 2022

Dr. Krishna White discusses the risks marijuana poses for teens.


Invest in Yourself! Commit to Self-Care

Oct 04, 2022

Learn why self-care benefits you and your teen!


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