Health & Prevention

Parenting is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs there is. Learn why self-care is a strategic act of parenting.

Essential Reads

The Check-In Rule Helps Teens Avoid Risk

Sep 04, 2022

Learn how to use the check-in rule to help teens avoid pressure to try alcohol and drugs.


Making Sense of the Latest Data on Teen Mental Health

Apr 12, 2023

There are many things parents and caring adults can do to #StandByTeens when young people experience poor mental health.


3 Signs to Help Recognize Depression in Teens

Apr 11, 2023

The symptoms of depression in teens may look different than depression in adults. Learn how to spot the signs.


How to Help Your Teen Deal With Anxiety

Apr 07, 2023

Dr. Lisa Damour shares strategies to help anxious teens.


Creating a Stress Management Plan

Mar 17, 2023

Help teens develop a plan to deal with stress.


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