Growth & Development

Adolescence is a time of profound growth. Parents must understand the physical, social and emotional development that occurs in order to raise young people prepared to thrive.

3 Things To Remember About Teen Friendships

Jun 16, 2021

Three things to keep in mind as we support our teens' evolving friendships.


The Little Book of Life Skills

Jun 08, 2021

Erin Zammett Ruddy, author of "The Little Book of Life Skills" discusses must-have life skills for teens.


Prevent the Negative Impact That Stereotypes Have on Teens

Jun 07, 2021

Learn how to encourage and develop a growth mindset in your teen to help combat the negative impact of stereotypes.


Finding Reliable Health Information Online

May 24, 2021

4 ways to help your teen find out if online info is credible.


Education in the Time of COVID-19: How Parents Can Advocate for Their Teens

May 06, 2021

Ways parents can help teens speak up and ask for help at school.


Parents can help teens avoid addiction. Here’s how.

Apr 07, 2021

Using drugs and alcohol is not a teenage rite of passage. Jessica Lahey, author of the new book "The Addiction Inoculation", offers strategies to keep your adolescent safe.


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