Growth & Development

Adolescence is a time of profound growth. Parents must understand the physical, social and emotional development that occurs in order to raise young people prepared to thrive.

Appreciate Teen Growth: Be Pro-Development

Apr 04, 2023

Being pro-development means appreciating all stages of adolescent growth.


Why Preparing Your Teen for Their First Period is Protective to Them

Mar 16, 2023

A child's first period is major developmental milestone that often coincides with their process of self-discovery.


How to Help Your Teen Manage a Chronic Illness

Dec 07, 2022

Learn how to support teens to handle a childhood chronic illness from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Psychologist, Dr. Victoria Miller.


What Teens Think About Peer Pressure — And How Parents Can Help

Oct 27, 2022

Real teens share their thoughts on peer pressure and the best ways parents can support them.


Teen Brain Development

Oct 20, 2022

Discover the exciting changes taking place in the teen brain.

Category: The Teen Brain

Making Important Decisions Together

Oct 04, 2022

Key strategies for building teens' problem-solving skills.


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