Growth & Development

Adolescence is a time of profound growth. Parents must understand the physical, social and emotional development that occurs in order to raise young people prepared to thrive.

Fitting in. What is Normal?

Sep 04, 2018

As a parent, your goal should be to make it “normal” for your teen to do the right thing.


How The Teen Brain Makes Decisions

Sep 04, 2018

Learn about the developing teen brain.

Category: The Teen Brain

See the Best in Your Teen

Jul 31, 2018

When feeling challenged, remember all that is good about your child.


Helping Teens Develop a Sense of Purpose

Jul 25, 2018

Finding purpose takes time. Learn how to support teens on the journey.


Six Tips to Support Teens in School

Jan 09, 2018

Parental involvement in teen education is important! Here are six strategies to stay engaged from home.


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