Culturally Responsive Parenting

Culturally sensitive and responsive parenting content that builds on cultural strengths and addresses the unique stressors families of color face when raising teens today. This series is made possible by the Funders for Adolescent Science Translation (FAST).

Cultural Practices Within Indigenous Communities That Help Teens Thrive

Jul 14, 2021

How cultural practices, traditions, languages, and kinship practices collectively ground and nourish Indigenous young people when life gets tough.


How Indigenous Culture Supports Positive Teen Development

Jul 08, 2021

Monica Tsethlikai, PhD, member of the A:shiwi (Zuni) Nation, discusses the role that Indigenous culture plays in teen development and healing.


Using Immigrant Roots to Foster Teen Resilience During COVID-19

Jul 07, 2021

As the pandemic changed the world and exposed existing inequalities, Latinx families turned to each other and to their immigrant roots to foster their teen’s resilience.


What Parents Can Learn from Children About Connection And Healing

Jun 25, 2021

Learn strategies for building connections with your children based on the teachings of Indigenous scholars.


How Relationships, Identity, and Connectedness Promote Child Well-Being

Jun 01, 2021

Jessica Ullrich, Assistant Professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage, discusses how strong connections to self and others foster resilience in children.


How to Deal With Racism in School

May 24, 2021

Have open and honest conversations about racism.


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