Taylor Tropea

Taylor is a Communications Associate at CPTC. Her background is in marketing and communications, and she brings experience executing digital communications initiatives in higher education and tourism.

When to Use Parental Controls on Social Media

Jan 26, 2024

When to use content-blocking features and monitoring options on social media.


Character Making News: Teens Showing Grit

Nov 09, 2023

Some of our favorite news stories of young people across the country showing their grit.


Character Making News: Teens Showing Empathy

May 31, 2023

News stories in which young people across the country are showing empathy.


What Teens Think About Peer Pressure — And How Parents Can Help

Oct 27, 2022

Real teens share their thoughts on peer pressure and the best ways parents can support them.


Character Making News: Generous Teens Around the World

Jul 18, 2022

A roundup of news stories featuring generous teens around the world.


Teen Milestone: Setting Boundaries in Relationships

Oct 13, 2021

Now is the time for your young person to figure out how to establish boundaries in a relationship.

Category: Milestones

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