Eden Pontz

Eden Pontz is Executive Producer and Director of Digital Content for CPTC. She oversees digital media content development and production for Parentandteen.com. She also writes, copyedits, and produces articles, podcasts, and videos for the site. Her pieces cover a range of topics including teen development, peer pressure, and mentoring. Eden brings years of experience as a former Executive Producer of Newsgathering at CNN, as well as a field producer, writer, and reporter for CNN and other news organizations.

Why We Must Embrace the Emotional Lives of Teenagers

Mar 01, 2023

Teens' intense feelings – both positive and negative – are a key part of development.

Category: Q&A Series

Three Ways to Connect with Teens Over the Holidays

Dec 10, 2022

Parents, make the most of the holidays when school is out to really connect with your teen. Three ideas to consider.


Warning Signs Your Teen Could Be at Risk for Suicide

Nov 23, 2022

Learn to recognize the signs of suicide and how to keep your teen safe.


Why Marijuana is Not the Answer to Teens’ Anxiety

Nov 10, 2022

Dr. Krishna White discusses the risks marijuana poses for teens.


The Power of Love in Protecting Children

Sep 14, 2022

Learn about the protective power of love.


Creating Safe Boundaries for Teens to Push Against

Sep 04, 2022

Adolescence is a time to push limits - learn to set safe boundaries.


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