LaShieka Hunter

LaShieka Hunter is a health, parenting, and entertainment writer living on Long Island, NY. Her work has appeared in The New York Times; O, The Oprah Magazine; Essence; Dr. Oz The Good Life; Men’s Health; and Ebony.

4 Ways to Teach Your Teen to Have Cultural Humility

Oct 26, 2023

Learn about the concept of cultural humility and how to encourage it in teens.


What To Do If Your Child Experiences Cyberbullying

Oct 13, 2023

You have the power to help if your child is being cyberbullied. Here are 10 steps to take.


Tips for Having Difficult Conversations About Race With Your Teen

Feb 09, 2023

Mia Smith-Bynum, Ph.D. shares tips for talking with your teen when the topics are tough.

Category: Q&A Series

3 Ways to Help Teens Show Humility

Feb 02, 2023

Help your teen understand the value of being humble.


Encouraging Acceptance of Others

Nov 10, 2022

Dr. Riana Elyse Anderson discusses the importance of accepting others and learning how to bridge divides.

Category: Q&A Series

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